She was a bright girl in every way. Soft blonde hair, tanned supple skin and deep brown serious eyes that held your gaze in a superior and intense way. In fact everything about the girl was surprising and intense. Especially in one so young.


You would think to look at her she had it all worked out. That’s because she did!


If you had to name her her you would have called her Rebecca or Becky but that would only have meant that you didn’t know her at all.


Her secret name was Biccy. She had been called this for almost all of her young life ever since she could remember.


If you wanted to be formal she would be called Biscuit. Someone has once said that she was a Brainy Biscuit and the name had just stuck. Well and truly stuck; so biscuit it was.


It was unusual for a girl so truly and naturally beautiful and so young to be recognised for her mind.

She was outstanding even in a crowd of exceptional beauties.

And so it would appear that this Brainy Biscuit had the world at her feet… But just because you have beauty and brains does not mean that life is easy. Life is just, well, different. Perhaps more complex; the choices to make are no less difficult for a “Brainy Biscuit” than for stupid Suzy or a plain Jane.


Perhaps this Brainy Biscuit had too many options to choose from. She often wondered what stupid people thought about; if in fact that had real thoughts at all.


Brainy Biscuit therefore knew that her beauty was one of her biggest assets and that used wisely in her youth it would form the basis of her life plan.


Beauty is much prized by men and they buy beauty in all it forms; or perhaps it is better to say that they rent beauty for the time it is fresh and once it starts to fade then they replace it with something new.


So to rent her beauty to the highest bidder; never a problem. However does this Brainy Biscuit use her mind as well? Would her intelligence provide her with a longer “sell by” date or would it adversely effect the sale of her beauty and her body?
Brainy Biscuit intend to use her mind and all of her feminine charms, this would be a fascinating experiment.

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